Have you ever wondered what an industrial conglomerate could possibly do to the children in society? The answer to this is yes.
And to testify the above-said fact,

Nandha Infotech, Coimbatore has joined hands with PRS Compressors Pvt Ltd, MedCuore Medical Solutions Pvt. extend their services to school students through Enter2Explore, a fun-filled knowledge event. The services renderedby this conglomeratespan across food, biomedical, technology, mechanical and agriculture, to name a few sectors.

As is the case with any new venture, we were so intrigued by the question, how to quote this event.
To our surprise, this almost happened instantaneously —

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of minds to think”.

  • Albert Einstein.

Well, we think we can read your mind, your mind is still pondering the question of how this quote fits this specific event. This was a comment made by Mr. Einstein himself on college education during his visit to Boston in 1921. In fact, he even had gone to a great extent, stating that training the mind to think cannot be learned from textbooks.

What? Why? Who?

There can be too many interpretations to this questionnaire. Questions like, what can be gained from this event, why this event, and who are the ones that are going to be benefitted, will be the most common ones.

The simplest explanation is, we have a social responsibility in this digitally-driven era to steer the intents of our children in a way to discern the most appropriate and relevant information available, and that comes with an application-oriented approach.

Application-oriented knowledge to parents, to teachers, and to children is what makes one stay afloat in this inundated universe. Well, if you find this hierarchy a bit jumbled, please have it fixed for yourself. But, before doing so question yourself, because the “final W, who” may change your perception. Also, we intentionally used this word “afloat” as we sincerely believe that the word “update” here has to be taken care of by every single individual.

  • Who are the beneficiaries?
  • Takeaway Benefits
  • Touchstone of this Event

This event is most predominantly tailored to the needs of children. But wait, we would love to bring to your notice the funniest part. Children, just like in any times, can clutch to any information when they’re taught to them in a way that fits them. But, adults lag in this aspect heavily. We let our ego and intelligence take cover over the beautiful innocence of children. If this statement makes you regret, please don’t be offended. We stated this because we had to regret over the same situation many a times in our families too. Shying away from social responsibility is not going to make us any good to the society.  We promise you a great day of fun-filled knowledge session, as this tailor-made event is about to let every grown adult being dab into their childhood days for a while.

  • A change in learning approach.
  • Vicarious learning experience, which were absent in the earlier days due to technological constraints.
  • Ability to differentiate between intricacies and nuances involved in application-oriented learning.
  • Guidance of “once-failed-yet-succeeded” experts, helping to identify an already-failed route.
  • Artistic way of approaching science in our daily activities.

“The reality of knowing your contribution to the society is your career.” Workshops are oftenheld to promote individual learning in a much more efficient way. Topics from international conferences will be discussed and will be break down into pieces to get a glimpse of latest technologies. The real foundation is letting the fundamentals come up from scrap as they grow older.

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