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We are a Web design company in Coimbatore who strictly follow customer centric approach to business and website creation and we ensure that our customers make money out of their websites. Get your Money Making Website, today!

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Our Vision is To be a turnkey solution Provider and our Mission is To become a well known tech company in India by 2023.

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Nandha Infotech an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Nandha Infotech not only develops software but also trains fresh minds of the society in various streams. Thus far, we have trained more than 1, 00,000 youngsters around the world, making various achievements in various streams till date.


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Web design & development, Software Development and Digital Marketing is our true area of expertise.
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Website Designing

1500+ Projects successfully done for clients all over South India. Checkout the portfolio for details.

Web Development

800+ Projects successfully done for clients all over India. Checkout the portfolio for details.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

We are Web Design Company in Coimbatore with years of experience in design and development and have successfully completed over 3000+ projects in the omain
  • UX development
  • World-class web design
  • Optimize operations

Digital Marketing

We are relatively new in Digital Marketing and have over 10 clients from across Tamil Nadu.

Software Development

700+ Projects successfully completed for clients all over India. Checkout the Portfolio for details.
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Founder Profile

CEO at Aimer Electronics Solutions
Responsible for the success or failure of the company. Operations, marketing, strategy, financing, creation of company culture, human resources, hiring, firing, compliance with safety regulations, sales, PR, etc.

IT Head at Paramount Auto Bay Solutions
Helped in building up an accurate picture using the resources that are available. It is important to take personal opinion out of as many decisions as possible – I probably don't think in the same way as a typical customer. Information can be gathered from questionnaires, focus groups, the internet, interviews, buying habits and many more sources, but it's important that the information is examined in a scientific way using proper statistical methods. Gut feel can only take your business so far.

Project Manager at Go you Like Pvt. Ltd
Created and Developed websites and its associated applications. I have given technical training to my assistants to work in a variety of industries and often as independent contractors.

Co - Location Mining in Spatial Data
A co-location pattern is a group of spatial features/events that are frequently co-located in the same region. For example, human cases of West Nile Virus often occur in regions with poor mosquito control and the presence of birds. For co-location pattern mining, previous studies often emphasize the equal participation of every spatial feature. As a result, interesting patterns involving events with substantially different frequency cannot be captured. In this paper, we address the problem of mining co-location patterns with rare spatial features. Specifically, we first propose a new measure called the maximal participation ratio (maxPR) and show that a co-location pattern with a relatively high maxPR value corresponds to a co-location pattern containing rare spatial events. As demonstrated by our experiments, our approach is effective in identifying co-location patterns with rare events, and is efficient and scalable for large-scale data sets.

Agri Assist
Agri Assist is one of our Indian project and it's given to Farmers around India. It is used to predict the crop and water level without spending money. Data, Information Management and Financial solution.

My Car Online
My Car Online program is one of our challenging and complicated project constructed in Php We have done the project with the technology specified by the customer This project focusses towards grouping the entire community under a single roof. This project incorporate many more functionalies like intergrating the existing databases with our app,social plugin and functional integrations related to Social Networking.

The Cars
The Cars is one of our Indian project and it's given to one of the car re-seller company It's a very common platform to maintain Customer relationship Management, Human resource Mangement, Data and Information management, Financial solution. A comprehensive platform focussing each and every layers of business for the company. This project is primary done in Dotnet 4.0, VS2010 with SQL Server 2008 R2 as back end.

World Record Holder – First Person in the world
Universal Achievers Book of Records
Creating 153 Web Application in 10 Hrs. by an Individual
October 2018

World Record Holder – as a Technical Trainer
Universal Achievers Book of Records
Trained 28 School Students for Creating 220 Chat bots in 90 Minutes
October 2018

  1. Honoured by Success Awards 2019 as “தன்னம்பிக்கை சிைரம்”, Jan 2019
  2. Honorary Doctorate by The Universal Tamil University, Thanjavur for the World Record of Creating 153 web applications in less than 10 hours
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Vigneshwaran T
CEO & Founder
Sri Vishnu T
Business Manager
Udaya Kumar
Operations Manager
Content Writer
Gokul K
Digital Marketer
Akash Kumar
Tamilarasan N
Anusiya G
Rajkavin M