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Industrial School/College Interrelationship Skill Development Program

IS(C)ISDP(Industrial School / College Interrelationship Skill Development Program) is an elite program which can make your ward members take a broader dip into the field of technology with a fascinating thought of grooming themselves both in career and personality development before they move into the more competing world. It’s very obvious to say that despite our current education standard, our upcoming pillars (i.e) our future India is almost there into this competing technological world, maybe when you benchmark their skills in terms of IoT (Internet of Things). But to be very frank that the existing knowledge, it is better to say this as awareness on the internet among the student community is not up to the level of the world’s expectation. This program, in turn, can help your ward members to gain a futuristic view on IoT which can help them to be more precise in determining their career and self-educating them as per the world’s expectation as well.

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