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Augmented Reality Training

Augmented Reality (AR), a related technology, enhances (or) augments reality by providing digital information on top of what the user is seeing. Augmented Reality is the combination of real and virtual objects in present environment. AR is different from Virtual reality. AR is very limited at first. But today, it is used bulkier. Recently, Augmented Reality Training is being accepted by the users and in future, it will become a great tool as it will help user tasks in the real world.

Introduction to Augmented Reality

  • Introduction
  • Related Technologies
  • AR vs. MR & VR
  • Steps for AR
  • AR Triggers
  • Content Placement

AR Basics

  • Introduction
  • AR SDKs
  • Redux
  • Technica
  • ARToolkit
  • ARToolkit Part II
  • Vuforia
  • AR in Gaming

Augmented Reality for Marketing/Promotion

  • Introduction
  • Things to Keep in Mind
  • Vuforia

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