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Nandha Infotech is a software enterprise run by "Multiple World Record Holder" with the guidance of global experts. The company is ingenious enough to explore and find their best solution to accomplish the clients needs for enhancing the performance of the business enterprise.Nandha Infotech is a dedicated enterprise that functions and links with an ecosystem of sites and with the global community.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Nandha Infotech not only develops software but also trains fresh minds of the society in various streams. Thus far, we have trained more than 80,000 people around the world, making various achivements in various streams till date.

Passionated developers:

Only with a passionate mind, comes a better solution.

Technology made simple:

Breaking down a complex ideology into a simple one.

Reliable partner:

Effort is ours, but the success story is yours.

Company Overview

Nandha Infotech is a software firm run by the guidance of world-class experts. Nandha Infotech is a software firm, headquartered in Coimbatore, functioning with an ecosystem of sites in the global community. We are passionate towards providing unique and exclusive software development and hands-on training.

Our Mission

Training-"There are millions of minds striving to lead technically in this technical-driven universe. This goal, though as a statement seems simple, it revolves around greater experience. Igniting young minds to live this experience is our ultimatum"
Development - "To be a solution provider for technology-related demands."

Our History

Nandha Infotech`s Headquarters is in the Heart of Coimbatore started mainly for Software development, Web designing, Utility Software, Management Software, Mobile applications and Website designing.Nandha Infotech’s innovation and leadership in consumer market and in corporate market make them a redoubtable competitor in this informative age.


Achievements gives us confidence for our progress. Our acheivements in technical training and software development.

World Record 1

Mr. T. Vigneshwaran, CEO NANDHA INFOTECH Holds World Record for Creating a World Record Attempt of Developing 153 Web Applications in 10 Hrs. From 8.00 Am to 6.00 Pm.

World Record 2

"Believe you can and you are halfway there.Thank you - Future Kalams Book of Records again for recognizing my record (For developing 153 web application in 10 hours by an individual) on this newest platform. This sets me well up for a new journey altogether. Your recognition will help me to keep the above-stated quote as lively as ever.

World Record 3

"Students of Punitha Amala Annai Matric Higher Secondary School trained by Nandha InfoTech got world for CREATING 220 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE BASED CHAT BOT IN 90 MINUTES .Record approved by Universal Achiever Book of Records. Besides training our students, we made them individual world-record holders. This great feat of achievement adds up one more milestone to our success story. We heartily thank every single student for their cooperation and every single soul that prayed and stayed with us throughout the journey. Will continue reaching greater milestones with your never-ending support .

World Record 4

"Once again, we made a world-record event at Sri Ranganathar Institute of Engineering and Technology. This time, it was a technical training for students for creating 1000+ websites within two hours of time with a count of 500. With the extraordinary support and ethos shown by students, we still managed to surpass our original record of 1000+, by creating exactly 2855 websites in the same two hours of time. This record, again was monitored and recognized by the Juries of Universal Achiever's Book of Records & Future Kalams Book of Records. Our CEO Vignesh Waran T was honored at the program.

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The Nandha InfoTech had Headquarter is in the Heart of Coimbatore, and started mainly as a Software development and Web designing company creating Utility Software, Management Software, Primary Python Games, and Websites.

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